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MDT features Music Projects, Design Projects, and Web Design/Development Projects created by David Booker for various customers and clients over the span of the past 20 years.

Various Music Song Cover



Cuff it


Can You Stand the Rain

Rainy Monday (original)

So Fine

Let It Snow

Love Riddim

Various Vocal Videos

Crusin' (2019)

It's Working (2022)

Lunch Time Hymns (2022)

Various Jazz Standards

In a Sentimental Mood

Lullaby in Birdland

Isn't She Lovely

Miscellaneous Music Videos Uploads

Sonic the Hedgehog

My Funny Valentine

Morning Dance (ending section)

Party Band Clips

Hampton Jazz Festival - same night as Jasmine Sullivan and Charlie Wilson

Hampton University Presidential Gala - Part one

Hampton University Presidential Gala - Part two

Music Lesson Clips

Encourage Yourself - Piano Lesson (2023)

Blessed - Fred Hammond - Band Bridge (2023)

Breakdown of Mint Condition "So Fine" (2022)

The Song Ended - What do i play now? (2023)

All Hail King Jesus (He Reigns) - Breakdown (2023)

Chopin Music Theory Discussion with R.A.Courts (2023)

Hymn Piano Lesson | The Blood (Ab)

Korg Kronos | Programming Walkthru(2022)

Teaching the Phantom Jazz Run (2009)

Bbm to C7sus Move (2009)

From Classics to New Music (2009)

Composing Using Secondary Dominant Passing Chords (2009)

These are some of the courses I've taught on the unversity level:

  • Piano
  • Music Theory
  • Music Production
  • Jazz Theory
  • Music Appreciation
  • Humanities
  • Recording Courses
  • Mixing Courses
  • Music Production Courses
  • Private Lesson Jazz Piano
  • Recording Class
  • Intro to Web Design

Live Artists Shows and Events

I've shared the stage with severeal National Artists Including:

  • Kirk Frankin and the Family
  • Wilmington Chester Mass Choir
  • The Hawkins Singers
  • Hezekiah Walker and the Love Fellowship Choir
  • Fred Hammond and Radicals for Christ
  • Norman Hutchins
  • Myron Williams with MDM and Voices
  • Kirby Brown
  • Shana Wilson
  • TaMyaa J
  • Eric Taylor
  • Von Pheonix
  • Kierra Sheard

  • Various Recording Session and Released and unreleased Records

    I've worked with several local artist in my area including:

    • Choir of Joy - community choir(1994-96)
    • World Jammz gospel radio show w/ Reggie D(1996)
    • Regina Burden - live recording “First instrument(1994)
    • Curtis Johnson & Selah - live recording(1995)
    • Michael Green & Judah. Live and Studio Recording(1996)
      • “My Pressing On”
      • “All Glory”
      • “Thank You”
      • over 15 songs
      • Wrote arrangement of. “No Not One”, “Thinking about you”
  • Norfolk State University - Gospel Choir(1995-1996)
    • Wrote: “I will fear no evil”
  • Focused - Singer in a signed gospel group (1996-1997)
    • “This Joy” - lead singer
    • Miracles - singer
    • “Hallelujah Its Yours” - singer
    • “ Dear Jesus I Love You” arranged cover
    • “The Rock” - arranged remix cover
    • “This Train” - arranged remix
  • Independent Solo Record:(1997-1999)
    • “God is So Faithful”
    • “Out of Sin”
    • “No Guarantee”
    • “Do You Wanna Man”
    • “Comforter”
  • II Committed - co-produced music(1999-2001)
    • “Come Home BackSlider”
    • “Never Leave”
    • “May I represent Jesus”
    • “Neither do I condemn you”
  • Track List for One Felix Music Compilation CD (2001)

    One Felix Music. Family Affair compilation CD and album artwork.

    Song Title CD Credits
    Emeny's Camp.

    D. Booker/G. Thompson/J. Whitaker/O. bolden. lead and background vocals by: dave. Rap by: The Omen. All keyboards and programming by Dave & Gee © 1997.


    D. Booker/ G. Thompson/ J. Whitaker/ J. Feggins. rap by: Jay Racine background vocals by: Tanika Jennings additional vocals by Lauren Knight guitar and bass played by Vincent Lewis all other instruments by: Dave & Gee © 1997

    Anytime is Fine.

    D. Booker/ G. Thompson/ J. Whitaker lead vocal by: Lauren Knight background vocals by: Lauren & Sabrina live guitar played by Eric T. Johnson all other instruments by: Dave & Gee. © 2000

    Sparrow (interlude).

    D. Booker/G. Thompson/ J. Whitaker lead vocal by: Dave background vocals by: Tanika Jennings all instruments by: Dave & Gee. © 1997

    I Sing

    D. Booker/ G. Thompson/ J. Whitaker lead and background vocals by: Latrice Carter instruments and programming by : Dave & Gee. © 2001

    Money, Cash, Cars.

    C. Gambrel 1. Feggins rap and chant by: Jay Racine other vocals: Dave & Columbo. all instruments and programming by: Columbo. © 2001

    No Way.

    D. Bookcr/ G. Thompson/ J. Whitaker/ C. Georges all vocals by: Ahisa Henry music by: Dave & Gee additional programming and guitar by: Chris Georges © 2000

    Thug Life.

    D. Booker/ G. Thompson/ J. Whitaker/ J. Feggins rap by: Jay Racine background vocals by: Ahisa and Dave all instruments and programming by: Dave & Gee. © 2001

    What God Has (joined togther).

    D. Booker/G. Thompson/ J. Whitaker lead vocals by. Dave background vocals by: Dave & Joy Warren. All instruments and programming by: Dave & Gee © 2001

    You are Welcome Here.

    T. Davis/G. Thompson/ D. Booker lead vocals by Pastor K. L Warren background vocals by: Lauren Knight and Sabrina Hales © 1996


    G. Thompson/ K. Price lead vocal by: Nakia Roberts background vocals by: Kelli Price All instruments and programming by: Gee © 1995

    Not for Fortune

    A.Jones lead and background vocals by: Andre Jones & Prophecy Fulfilled. © 2001.

    Like Precious Faith (LPF)

    Live recording and studio project. Project manager, producer, musician.(2008)

    LPF CD Coverart

    Listen to the Music Online

    “Hello were LPF intro” • “Oh Give Thanks” • “OGT Interlude” • “Bless the Lord” • “Purposed to Life” • “I Will Say” • “Purify My Heart” • “Simple Worship” • “I Fear God” • “God’s Not Unrighteousness” • “Come on Let’s Celebrate”

    Andre Jones and Fellowship.

    Produced the first record.(2002 unreleased)

    • “Peace”
    • “My Refuge”
    • “Have Your Way”
    • “Choose Christ”
    • “Not for Fortune”
    • “Praise Be Unto You”
    • “Deliverance Has Come”
    • “Things aren’t as Bad as they Seem”
    • “Lord Hear our Prayers”

    Maria Daily.

    Entire record, artwork, and music “Beautify Butterfly”(2009)

    Peggy Britt and Kairos worshippers:

    • “Oh my strength”

    Lisa Edmonds. Worship CD

    • “This is the year of More”

    Calvary Revival Church

    • “Great Grace” - wrote, arranged, played piano
    • “Welcome Song”. - played keyboards

    Karen R. Hill Solo Record- classical gospel:

    • “Laid My Burdens Down”
    • “Great is Thy Faithfulness”

    Rodney Mills & The Virginia Aires:(2019)

    • “Drugs: are a trick of the enemy” Created digital artwork, posted YouTube commercial, and play keyboards in the studio.


    • Youth choir Musician (organ) Redeemed COGIC
    • Guest musician Garrett Baptist Community Church.
    • Musician (organ) New Community COGIC. Churchland.
    • Guest Musician Way of the Cross Church. Norfolk VA
    • Lead organist for New Mount Vernon Baptist Church, Portsmouth
    • Lead organist for First Lynnhaven Baptist Church, Virginia Beach
    • Lead musician for Village Baptist Church. Virginia Beach
    • Minister of Music for Hebron Cornerstone Church, Virginia Beach
    • Guest musician for The Mount, Chesapeake
    • Guest musician for Kingdom Embassy Ministries. Norfolk
    • Guest musician for The Place of Change. Chesapeake Virginia
    • Guest musician for Kingdom Cathedral Church. Virginia Beach
    • Lead musician Calvary Revival Church. Norfolk
    • Organist for First Baptist Church South Hill. Chesapeake.

    Performed with National Jazz/Soul/Smooth Jazz Acts:

    • Jackiem Joyner
    • Tom Brown
    • Rick Brawn
    • Nick Collione (late)
    • Eric Darius
    • Adam Hawley

    Performed with Gospel Acts:

    • Patrick Riddick & Divine Worship
    • New Community COGIC Radio Choir
    • Judah
    • Fellowship
    • TaMyya J
    • Benita (Jones) Washington
    • Maurette Clark-Brown
    • Angelo and Veronica
    • Myron Williams & MDM and Voices
    • Kirby Brown
    • Norman Hutchins
    • Crystal Rucker

    Local Acts:

    • The Band Experience (solo and Group performances)
    • The Fuzz Band
    • Kustom Made Band
    • Against All Odds Jazz Band
    • Dance Candy
    • Strickly Bizzness
    • A Touch of Spice
    • The Unifics
    • RaJazz
    • The 10 Spot

    Open for National Acts:

    • Charlie Wilson
    • Jasmine Sullivan
    • Fred Hammond & Radicals for Christ
    • Hezekiah Walker & Love Fellowship Choir
    • The Hawkins Family,
    • Wilmington Chester Mass Choir
    • Kirk Franklin & the Family

    Various Career Highlights

    I was the main keys player at Calvary Revival Church, Norfolk Virginia from 2016-2020

    The Pivot on how to provide music solutions are a result of the 2020 World Quarentine

    For worship service content, We did mostly virtual recordings live or from home most of 2020.

    Core Proficiency Listings:

    • 20 plus years keyz player, 20 plus years synth programmer, 16 year university music instructor.
    • Comfortable working/programming in Ableton, Logic, reason, Protools, studio one, GarageBand.
    • Comfortable sequencing on Ensoniq, Korg, Roland, and Yamaha workstations
    • Play proficiently on piano, organ, synths, and vocals. working on improving skills on bass, drums and guitar.
    • Familiar with external synth libraries such as UVI, native instruments, Roland cloud, analog lab, Novation v station & bass station, addictive keyz, Arturia analog lab & v collection, and using splice, isotope, waves, universal audio.
    • Familiar with analog outboard gear, and general in the studio techniques and gear such as mic placement, signal flow, sound design, etc